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Advanced Search Ambassador Story – Where Are They Now?

By Ellie Weiss


Editor’s Note: The Ambassador program is one of the many components of the college and university relations initiative. Students are employed for a school term internship to help promote and our Partnership level clients at campuses throughout North America. This program has been in place at for the past twelve years and to-date has included 69 student ambassadors at over 50 different campuses. The following is an update from a member of our 2012/2013 Ambassador Team.


I was looking for something to get me out of my comfort zone; you have to do that to grow as a person, especially looking to get into the competitive field of agri-marketing. That something was speaking in front of a crowd.


My senior year was approaching and I was looking on for full time positions when I stumbled upon the ambassadorship at Iowa State University. The description sounded promising and one of the main duties was promoting and their partnership clients by giving class, club and organization presentations. What a better way to network, and conquer my greatest fear? I applied, interviewed and landed the ambassadorship for the 2012 -2013 year.


With being in the working world for two and a half years, I speak in front of large groups on a weekly basis – whether it is with clients or at an event for an organization. I also regularly seek out advice from a couple of the employees I worked closely with during my ambassadorship. My experience as a campus ambassador helped guide me on my path to the career I have today as an Account Executive with Meyocks Group, an advertising and marketing agency within agribusiness. The two most prominent skills I developed though my experience were: forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and helping me develop a passion I never knew I possessed; helping students navigate their way to their dream internship and eventually a career. Since graduating, I have spoken on a few career panels, have given multiple presentations and critiqued numerous resumes and cover letters. All of which would not have been made possible without my ambassadorship at


I am very thankful for my relationships and experiences I gained through the Iowa State Ambassadorship, especially knowing that it opened more doors for me than I can account for. is ending their campus ambassador program this December.  A final class of ambassadors are working hard to promote at Tuskegee University, Oklahoma State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the University of Saskatchewan through the Fall Semester.  Read More about our current ambassador team here.  Ashley Collins, the program coordinator with shares, ‘this has been a great program for our company and has helped us reach thousands of young professionals across the country with our company brand.  We’ve been honored to work with so many great students who are now our peers in the industry.  We look forward to providing our clients with fresh new ways to interact with collegiate talent, as that talent has evolved we too plan to release new initiatives to promote and our clients to this ever-changing demographic!’