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By Libby Williams


Editor’s Note: The Ambassador program is one of the many components of the college and university relations initiative. Students are employed for a school term internship to help promote and our Partnership level clients at campuses throughout North America. This program has been in place at for the past eight years and to-date has included 43 different student ambassadors. The following is an update from a member of our 2010 Ambassador Team.

It was my junior year at Colorado State University when I began to start thinking seriously about my future. I had been working on a resume with the College of Ag Career Office liaison and after reading through my qualifications, the liaison mentioned that was looking for a campus ambassador for Colorado State and that I should consider applying.

Seeing as I was interested in internships that would aid my double major (Animal Science and Journalism), I decided to look in to it. I went straight to the website to see what it had to offer. I knew I didn’t want to apply for a position that I wasn’t interested in or excited about, but when I realized that really focuses on finding the perfect people for agricultural positions across the country, I decided it would be a great first “internship.”

I applied and was accepted as part of the 2010 Campus Ambassador Team.

It was my responsibility to promote to students in the College of Ag and to showcase the site’s unique qualities for students approaching graduation. Not only was I able to make an impact on students looking to start their professional careers by dispersing this information, but the ambassador position also helped strengthen my communication skills and expand my passion for promoting the benefits of and opportunities in agriculture.

In short, the ambassador program, what I consider my first internship, confirmed my passion for ag communications. This internship built the foundation from which I was able to grow and develop my own career ambitions.

Without serving as an campus ambassador, I wouldn’t have had the experience needed to intern with the media and public relations department at the National Western Stock Show, nor would I have had many of the communications skills required to land a highly competitive internship with the National Swine Registry. Without working for, I may not have had the confidence or courage to spend a semester abroad. And it is each of these things, built on my experience as an campus ambassador, which helped make me a highly marketable candidate and secure a job even before I had graduated CSU in the fall of 2011.

The campus ambassador position really was the groundwork for building my resume and skill set. I used the position as the basis to grow and move into a professional career. I now serve as the Communications and Youth Activities Director for the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) in Houston, Texas. I credit much of my success in finding a career to working with, and the professional foundation it helped me to construct.

Today, I still use the basic promotion tools I learned through my position to promote the Brahman breed throughout the country and even across the globe. I also have the opportunity to advise the ABBA junior program, and the skills I developed by interacting with and presenting in front of fellow students through my position have greatly aided me in this realm.

The campus ambassador position really ignited a chain reaction for my professional development, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spark my career path with such a practical and valuable internship.

Thank you,!

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For questions about the ambassador program, contact Ashley Collins – Education and Marketing Specialist at The 2012/2013 Ambassador Team schools have been selected, be sure to visit our job posting page to see a listing and apply today!