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Agronomy - Science to Sales

Agronomy – Science to Sales


By Sonya Buck, Australia


It’s no secret that demand for Agronomy personnel is strong, you just need to take a look at the number of job advertisements to see the many roles on offer.


Agronomy is the science and technologies involved in cultivation of plants for sustainable agricultural systems; crop production and pastures.   Agronomists come from many different backgrounds, urban and rural and include those with both farm and nonfarm backgrounds.


If you considering study, a career path or changing direction, from science to sales there are many different roles within Agronomy which may have appeal.


Here are just some of the roles you may like to consider:


Agronomist Sales

Alternative Titles: Agrisystems Agronomist, Agronomist, Grower Services Manager, Regional Agronomist, Sales Agronomist, Sales Agronomist Senior, Territory Sales Agronomist


If you’re appointed as an Agronomist Sales, you will be in a sales and relationship role responsible for agronomic product support and advice on products sold to customers in both retail and wholesale establishments.


Technical Officer

Alternative titles: Agri Officer, Horticulturalist Technician, Milling Advisor, Technical Support, Senior parts Interpreter, Service Technician, Systems Specialist, Technical Support, GIS Officer


As Technical officer you would be responsible for complex technical support and advice on aspects of agriculture such as research, production, forestry, servicing, agronomy, animal husbandry and marketing.



Alternative titles: Research Forester, Research Scientist, Forest Scientist


When you are a Researcher you will perform analysis and research to assist in the development and management of forestry plantations.


Field Assistant

Provide complex technical support and advice on aspects of agriculture such as research, production, forestry, servicing, agronomy, animal husbandry and marketing.


Research Scientist

Alternative titles: Biologist, Cereal Chemist, Chemist, Entomologist, Plant Breeder


Just some of the tasks involved as a Research Scientist include planning, budgets and establish and document research trials and projects.


Agronomist Manager

At this level in your career you would manage a team of agronomists responsible for decisions regarding crop husbandry and crop rotation.


Career pathways into Agronomy will be through study at either TAFE or University.


You might consider a Diploma in Agriculture, a Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Science or a Bachelor of Applied Science with a Plants major; Agronomy and Horticulture or Animal and Plant Biosecurity.


If you would like to understand how plant growth and production systems can be managed; gain excellent technical, diagnostic and problem solving skills; work with plants outdoors, in the office or perhaps a research centre, Agronomy may be for you.


If your career in Agronomy has commenced you’ll find several roles on offer at  Click here to view the job postings which may be your next career move.


As the world’s increasing need for sustainable food sources intensifies to feed the growing population, one thing is for sure, Agronomy offers promising careers into the future.