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Agriculture Online Learning from Iowa State University

Agriculture Online Learning from Iowa State University


Maaike Campbell is the reason why online learning works. Juggling full-time employment, a husband and two children Campbell went from helping her dad out for “just a couple of weeks,” to being a manager and part owner of a 1,500 head sow operation in Ontario, Canada.

Campbell just completed the swine science online certificate program granted through the US Pork Center of Excellence. She achieved this by taking online courses offered through Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Online Learning. "I feel like it was a much bigger achievement than receiving my university 4 year degree," Campbell says.

“I was able to work at a pace that was convenient for me and at times that worked for me,” Campbell says. “It also allowed me to pick classes that were of most interest to me and allowed me to look at my own operation in a whole new way. The professors were absolutely awesome. They had such a wealth of knowledge that I made sure to keep their contact information!”

Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides opportunities for professionals to continue their education while working full time. For more information about our online Swine Science certificate go to:

Continue Your Education with our Online Graduate Programs

ISU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is dedicated to online learning. We provide quality instruction and course content to students regardless of geographic location.

Master of Science in Agricultural Education: This program is designed for agriculture teachers in secondary and post-secondary settings, extension professionals, educators in public and private settings, and agricultural communicators.

Master of Science in Agronomy: This degree ensures you have an advanced knowledge of agronomic systems and superior problem-solving skills. The program emphasizes practical, professional and technical skills involved in crop management, soil and water management and integrated pest management

Community Development Master’s program: This program is designed for community leaders, practitioners and for individuals who value community. It provides the skills, information, and networks needed to facilitate sustainable and prosperous community change. This degree program equips practitioners with the tools necessary to build community for the 21st century.

Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate:There is an urgent need for online education for food industry personnel who would like to pursue in-depth specialized training in food safety and security. It is intended for graduate students and food-related professionals who desire advanced education on how to effectively deal with food safety and biosecurity issues.

Master of Science in Plant Breeding: The Master of Science in Plant Breeding provides the same rigorous curriculum as the resident program, including access to plant breeding faculty within the Department of Agronomy. Students completing the program will understand not only the fundamentals of plant breeding, but also gain knowledge of advanced concepts such as genomic selection and the challenges facing plant breeders in our global society.

Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business: This program is focused on preparing students for management roles. Designed for professionals working in industry and government, the degree ensures an advanced knowledge of seed science, technology and basic business and problem-solving skills.

Swine Science Online Certificate: Swine Science Online offers education and training of future pork professionals to benefit the pork industry by inspiring a career interest through academic training and application. The Swine Science Online vision is to ensure that the Pork Industry is led and managed by individuals who have broad educational and production experiences which have prepared them for these roles. All students who complete the 12-credit curriculum will be eligible to apply for a Swine Science Certificate through the U.S. Pork Center for Excellence.

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