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An integral component of an effective pipeline of talent for the agricultural industry is education at all levels, primarily aimed at reaching the youth who will drive innovation in our industry. Providing resources to help educators, agvocacy groups, parents, and other stakeholders demonstrates the diverse and vast number of career opportunities within agriculture is a goal and passion of


“As part of our vision at to feed the world with talent, it is critical that we have a commitment to reaching all age levels to facilitate informed career path decisions for the next generation of talent to our industry,” stated Eric Spell, President of has various initiatives and partnerships in place to work towards accomplishing this goal and recently strengthened their relationship with one of the country’s largest youth organization. is now a strategic partner for career success of The National FFA Organization, making the real-time career exploration tool for nearly 630,000 student members and 11,800 agricultural educators throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This renewed collaboration between and the National FFA Organization includes a variety of touchpoints that help both organizations achieve their common goal of strengthening the agricultural workforce.


Educational material developed by; such as infographics, articles, resume, cover letter, and interview tips are an integral component of the FFA My Journey portal where FFA members are able to document their FFA experiences during their journey to career success.


Additionally, worked with National FFA to validate and outline high demand agriculture careers.   “Perhaps the most exciting facet of our relationship with National FFA is the expansion of the Career Profiles featured on,” Ashley Collins, Education and Marketing Manager with  In 2012, worked with FCAE, (Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education) a group tasked with improving education in and about Agriculture in Illinois to identify and develop 58 career profiles for ‘up and coming’ agricultural careers.


“The career profiles and the infographics we developed for each pathway quickly became a popular tool on our website for teachers, parents, guidance counselors, agvocacy groups, and others who want to help people of all ages understand the breadth of careers in agriculture, so we were excited to build upon that work through this partnership with National FFA.  Developing resources that teach real-time career exploration is a nice compliment to the core of our business, the job board,” added Collins.


Through this partnership, has expanded the profiles to 235 careers and will form a working group of stakeholders to identify and profile additional careers over the next two years. National FFA will utilize these profiles and link to live career opportunities on as part of their AgExplorer project to be released later this summer.


For National FFA, reaching the community of professionals and job seekers is also an important component of its strategic plan and priorities. “Helping students achieve career success is a primary focus of agricultural education and FFA,” said Joshua Bledsoe, Chief Operating Officer for National FFA. “Our partnership with is essential to helping us grow leaders, build communities and strengthen American agriculture.”


Through this partnership, National FFA will utilize exposure opportunities such as exposure on the homepage, advertising National FFA job opportunities as well as open agriculture educators positions,  sharing announcements in the weekly e-newsletter, inclusion in the Ag & Food Employer Guide, and more to keep their members informed. and National FFA began a formal relationship in 2012 and recently renewed that commitment by becoming partners to ensure career success for their users!


The FFA Mission: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success


The Mission: provides global talent solutions in agriculture and food.