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Advanced Search Releases E-Book Promoting Agricultural Careers

By Kristine Penning, Creative Marketing Specialist –


Do you ever feel like so many of your friends (or your students, or your talent pool) are unaware of all the opportunities available in agriculture? Do you ever feel like agricultural careers are misunderstood and mislabeled as only “farm jobs”? Do you ever just want to show them how broad the agricultural industry is? How is virtually every career possible in the industry?

More than that, do you often feel that the necessity and importance of agricultural careers are also overlooked or misunderstood?

We at have felt the same way. That’s why we felt the need to create something bursting with education regarding the available opportunity in agriculture that could be widely shared with the masses. That something is a digital e-book entitled Careers in Agriculture.

The Careers in Agriculture e-book is designed as a guide for students and young people considering career opportunities. It presents them with a current, thorough view into the agricultural industry by fulfilling the following purposes:

  • Creating a discussion around why agricultural careers are relevant and needed
  • Examining the current state of world hunger and need for renewable resources
  • Understanding agriculture as a chief industry in the United States and around the world
  • Learning about prominent agricultural careers that are not normally top-of-mind from real individuals in these careers
  • Viewing the changed face of the agricultural industry and how it continues to progress
  • Exploring more than 250 possible careers in the agricultural industry (Career Profiles version only)
  • Gaining practical knowledge about steps to pursue and nurture an agricultural career
  • Visualizing the future of agriculture and how everyone has the capability and is invited to make this their career path

All pages of the e-book include interactive links featuring videos, further reading, and more. The e-book is designed to educate but also to entertain and encourage readers who may not have previously considered agriculture to pursue opportunities in the industry.

Two versions of the Careers in Agriculture e-book have been created: one features the Career Profiles and one does not.

To access the version with the Career Profiles, please click here.

To access the version WITHOUT the Career Profiles, please click here.

We ask that you share this digital e-book with those you know who would likely benefit from it. Consider your audience and which version would best fit its readers. We recommend sharing the version including the Career Profiles with middle school, high school, and early college students. The version without the Career Profiles should be shared with more advanced college and university students as well as young professionals who have already chosen their career path (but may realize that it can be applied in the agricultural industry).

If you would like to share the e-book via social media, has created a social media guide with ideas and sample posts for your use. It can be found at this link. Graphics to help promote the e-book may be found at this link.

If you have questions about the e-book or would like more information, please email