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Advanced Search Releases the AG HR Webinar Series for 2013 is committed to bringing our community continued educational opportunities to increase learning. This year is no different! We are excited to announce this year’s Ag HR Webinar Series topics. Webinars provide a great economical way for multiple people within an organization to receive valuable information without the hassle and cost of travel. If you are interested in participating in a particular webinar, simply click on the title of the webinar to be redirected to more information and registration details. If you have any questions, please email

2013 Webinar Schedule:

Interpreting Military Experience for the Workplace
February 22nd

As we explore skilled and untapped sources of talent, returning military men and women are a natural fit for careers within the agriculture industry. There are several programs helping to guide these able job seekers to career opportunities within the industry. The disconnect, however, often happens when evaluating this candidate pool’s resumes and credentials. For those that have not had past military experience or influence, deciphering the ranks, acronyms and even duties completed while in the service is challenging. While these returning veterans are receiving coaching and guidance on how to communicate their accomplishments more effectively, as an employer understanding some of the basics will go a long way to hiring success.

PART 1: Developing a Successful Internship Program
April 19th 

Back by popular demand and request, this two-part webinar is a ‘can’t miss’ for those that are looking to develop an internship program or for those that need to re-assess some components within an existing internship program. Part 1 of the series will focus on tips for a successful program. With a wealth of knowledge and feedback from interns throughout the agriculture industry, Ashley Collins of, will share what interns are saying organizations are getting wrong and what they are doing right. Learn how to overcome those destructive practices and identify ways to build on areas of strength. This session is sure to provide unique solutions and advice directly relayed from today’s students.

PART 2: Preparing Managers for a Successful Internship
April 26th 

Part two of this internship webinar series is ideal of those responsible for managing or interacting with interns. These personal interactions are what can make or break the internship in the mind of the student. Understanding the critical role that the manager or mentor contributes to the success of the internship program, both present and in the future, is often overlooked. Ashley Collins,, will dive deeper into tips specifically for managers and mentors of interns that can help to form a productive working relationship. When students return to campus, you want them to say good things about their experience and the manager/mentor relationship is the number way to influence what is said. This webinar is a great step in investing in of successful internship programs and would be a great learning opportunity for those that oversee interns within your organization.

Interview Tips for New Hiring Managers
June 28th 

For many that are charged with hiring responsibilities, very little training or coaching is given on how to effectively interview candidates and find the best fit. Being new to interviewing can be intimidating. Understanding what you can and cannot ask is imperative and knowing how to get more out of a candidate’s response is key to finding the best employee. A bad hire is costly! This webinar will give those that are new to interviewing a quick course in interviewing techniques and styles. This webinar is also great for anyone within the organization that may need a little brushing up on their interviewing skills.

Assessing the Value and Getting the Most from Two-Year/Technical Graduates
August 23rd 

With an increased need for skilled and technical workers, two-year colleges and institutions are the perfect resource for reaching out to qualified talent. However there are a set of unique challenges that come with a strategy to reach students at these educational institutions – the sheer number of institutions to reach; a shorter period of time to reach students attending these schools; a centralized point of contact is hard to come by; and fewer structured clubs and organizations to interact with, just to name a few. It can be done and produce a great pipeline of talent. This webinar will focus on the value this talent pool can provide to the workforce as well as how to develop an effective recruiting strategy at 2-year institutions.

Compensation Strategy for Your Organization
October 25th 

As organizations plan for the upcoming year, compensation is sure to come into consideration. This webinar will focus on a ‘hot’ aspect of compensation strategy (to be determined as October approaches) to benefit compensation planning as organizations head into these critical discussions around this topic.

Decoding Changes to U.S. Healthcare Policies
December 13th 

With more time lapsed and policies becoming further outlined and instated, organizations are finding healthcare reform and what that means for employers still a mystery. Many organizations are relying on legal teams to help demystify programs and policies. This webinar is for those organizations that need a quick overview of today’s U.S. healthcare policies to identify areas that need attention within their business to insure compliance. The presenter will take a look at current policies as well as what is on the horizon for U.S. healthcare.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2013 North American Ag & HR Roundtable being held August 6 – 8 in Johnston, IA on DuPont Pioneer’s campus.

Again, if you have any questions or comments about the 2013 event schedule, please contact at