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A Focus on Culture: 2020 Agribusiness HR Reviews Released

By Rachael Powell,

For the third year in a row, human resources leaders noted that competition for talent and recruiting difficulties remained as their top HR concern. The newly released 2019-2020 Agribusiness HR Reviews noted that not only are organizations competing for talent externally, they are competing to retain the talent they already have. In addition, the top area of focus reported in both the U.S. and Canada as it relates to recruiting practices in the coming year will be employee retention. As employers compete for talent and compete to retain talent, human resources leaders are looking solutions that will not only secure the success of their talent acquisition strategy but will also satisfy the needs of their organization.

A focus on company culture may be the smartest decision you can make to win the war for talent. While externally there are several factors that will influence a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent, how employers choose to foster a positive culture within their organization may be the most important step. The top-rated tactic for competing with other employers was noted as a positive work culture. While this was a new response option within the Agribusiness HR Review this year, it was by far noted as the number one choice in both the U.S. and Canada. Other methods to compete were noted as better benefits, higher compensation and flexible work hours. If your company doesn’t have a positive company culture, all the other perks may be in vain.

Improving your company’s culture doesn’t have to be hard as there are many different areas to grow a positive work culture. Offering opportunities for employees to use their skills and abilities, fostering relationships with employees and providing job specific training were all listed as the top three methods for improving culture in the US and Canada. Another reason to focus on culture may be far less costly than flashy perks. While a sole focus on company culture may not be all you need to secure talent, it should not be a forgotten part of your talent strategy.

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