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A Happy Accident:
How Searching for an Internship led to Success with

By Kristine Penning, Creative Marketing Specialist,


Job seekers often find out about in unlikely ways. Marie Annexstad happened upon by sheer accident.

“I know that I want to be in marketing and communications, which can be a pretty specific career field, and I wanted to go into agriculture,” Annexstad, a junior at Kansas State University.

Annexstad was searching for an ag marketing internship for summer 2015 when she Googled “Ag Marketing Internships.” was the first result.

Annexstad was immediately impressed.

“I liked the internship and job separation of the site,” she said. “There are the internships and the full-time jobs, and it was very easy to search for what I was looking for.”

After applying to a few internship opportunities Annexstad discovered on, she checked back each day to “make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Annexstad ended up hearing back from an internship she had applied to her first day searching on by a company she had never heard of before: Growmark.

“I never would’ve known about Growmark if it weren’t for,” Annexstad said. “I was having trouble finding something different from what I had already done.”

Prior to her upcoming internship with Growmark, Annexstad, who hails from St. Peter, MN, was a marketing intern with a livestock operation called Big Gain and then a marketing communications intern with DuPont Pioneer.

“I was impressed with the showing of companies [as opposed to] career fairs. Kansas State is a large school with a large career fair, but using introduces you to so many more companies from large to small scale.”

Annexstad said she is excited about her upcoming work with Growmark in Bloomington, IL and that she wants to try working in all different facets of agriculture.

“Ag is a pretty hot job market. There are so many different opportunities from all over the country. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Check out’s internship listings for yourself at this link: .