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5 Questions that Will Impress Following an Interview

By Beth Hales,


You should always go to an interview well prepared for that final interview question: “Do you have any questions for me/us?” If you’ve given serious thought to how to answer that question, it is quite possible you are already ahead of the majority of job seekers. When that question is posed, it is important not to be too forward, but assertive enough to display confidence and poise. Most people have heard the advice not to ask any questions about salary, as it can appear a bit desperate and tacky. I am going to stay away from those types of questions for another reason though…..asking questions like the examples below can not only serve to further your understanding of whether the position is a fit for you personally, but can also help the interviewer identify more desirable qualities in you. Let’s explore a few examples:


1. Why did you choose to work for this company?

I always love this one, as the interviewer doesn’t usually have a canned answer given the more personal nature of the question. You will likely receive a more candid answer that will provide you with valuable insight. It may also help you gain more common ground with the interviewer that could work in your favor.


2. How would you describe the culture of the company?

The interviewer may have already touched on aspects of this, so if that’s the case, you can always ask if it’s possible to speak to others in the department to get a better feel for the atmosphere and group you would be working with. For instance, you could say something like: “I know you mentioned the work environment is more relaxed here….my current employer is very formal with lots of closed doors, and I would be really excited to have an opportunity work in a more team oriented atmosphere. Would it be possible to talk with someone in the department to hear first-hand about the way teamwork flows here?”


3. How does your hiring process work, and how long is the decision process?

This question will manage your expectations on what’s next, and you can couple it with a question about whether they feel you are a solid fit for the position based on the exchanges thus far. It is always good to show an interest in what lies ahead. Essentially, you have about an hour to sell yourself and your abilities to the interviewer, and if you neglect to ask what to expect next, you could come off as not being really passionate about gaining employment with the company. This question can also set the stage for further questions around your own timeline….if you are a solid candidate, it is likely you will have other companies considering you, and you can politely position yourself as highly desirable talent – which hopefully triggers them to ensure they don’t waste any time approaching you with an offer.


4. What makes this company stand out as an employer?

This could end up very similar to the first question, but then again, it could take a very different turn if you want to focus on any company programs or unique benefits offered others don’t offer. It could also lead you to understand more about the company’s community involvement and values.


5. What kind of training and educational growth opportunities does this company offer?

I’ve never heard anyone say being pegged as a life-long learner is a bad thing. When you display an interest in bettering yourself, employers take notice. You show your drive for growth and advancement, and the answer to this question may help you get a clearer picture of where you can see yourself in 5 years.


Remember, this is your chance to turn the tables and do some polite digging…not to mention the exchanges that follow your questions can help solidify you as a strong candidate. And questions aren’t the only thing you should prepare: check out this Career Guide article. With so many things to worry about in making a great first impression, make sure you don’t forget to prepare solid questions to ask the employer.