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32 Things You Already Know

32 Things You Already Know

August is here and many of us associate August with the end of summer and going back to school.  You may be going back to school for continuing education, your children may be going back to school or maybe even off to college for the first time.   At, we dedicate a great deal of research and time into helping our clients build successful college and university recruitment programs for interns and new grads, and we also develop a number of resources to help college and university students be successful in the job market. 

Last year, one of our close friends from Kansas State University, Dana Minihan, Assistant Academic Coordinator and Instructor for the Agronomy Department, experienced an August in which she sent her oldest child off to college.   Given her experience as a mom, a college recruiter, and academic advisor that provides guidance for students into careers, she developed a list of ‘32 Things You Already Know’ for her son as he started this new journey in life.  Dana shared her list with us and we felt that so many of the items on the list not only apply to our collegiate readers, but also our readers who are parents or professionals that could use a few life/career lessons.  So this August, as you find yourself returning to school, starting school, sending a child off to school, or starting a new journey in life, we share with you 32 Things You Already Know….

  1. Go to class every day.
  2. Be five minutes early to your first class of the day, so you do not feel like you are running behind all day.
  3. Take notes. You can highlight and write in your textbooks …. You own them!
  4. Read assignments.  The information WILL be on the exams.
  5. Turn homework in on time.
  6. If you are going to miss class, let the instructor know ahead of time.  And tell them the truth on why you are going to miss, or why you missed.
  7. If you miss class, never ask the instructor, “Did I miss anything?”  Yes, you did.
  8. If you are going to miss class, ask a friend to take notes for you.  Get the notes the next class period.
  9. Start studying for a test no less than three days before the exam.
  10. If you get behind in a class or do not understand, make an appointment with the instructor and ask for help.
  11. Talk to someone you do not know every day.  Make a new friend.
  12. Join at least one club or organization and be an active member.  Contribute!!
  13. Be a gentleman.  Women first.  Open doors.  Don’t be a jerk.
  14. Buy a school calendar – and use it!  After receiving your syllabus, write down important dates.
  15. Make lists! And use them.  Many tasks can be done in 15 minutes.
  16. Call your grandparents every week.
  17. Don’t be stupid.  Think before you act so that you do not have to react.
  18. Wash your sheets every week.
  19. Remember where you came from.  Text or call your parents and sister – just because – not because you need/want something.
  20. Clean the bathroom every week.
  21. Wash your dishes every day.
  22. If you use it, put it away.  Clutter is not becoming of anyone.
  23. If you have to miss class for an emergency or funeral, let your advisor know right away.  They are there to help.
  24. Remember you are a student first.  You have your entire life to work.
  25. Do not procrastinate.
  26. MIP/DUI will cost you all future funding.  Succumbing to peer pressure is not worth it.
  27. Keep Facebook/Twitter to an hour a night.
  28. Do not allow yourself to be tagged in photos you do not want your parents, grandparents, or scholarship donors to see.
  29. Please and thank you will get you a long way in life.  As will a Yes Sir/No Sir, Yes Ma’am/No Ma’am.
  30. Be polite to the Business Office Staff, Facilities Staff, and the lunch line folks.  They WILL end up helping you out one day.
  31. You have been provided the tools to be successful, use them.  You are a great young person!