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30 Tips for a More Successful Job Interview

30 Tips for a More Successful Job Interview

By Billie


  1. Smile.

  2. Show interest.

  3. Prepare well for the interview through extensive research and consistent practice. (As one of my clients shared with me: “They told me I knew more about them than they knew about themselves.”)

  4. Ask appropriate questions. Take a writing instrument, pad holder and relevant career management materials.

  5. Pay attention to all of the senses that involve you, the candidate, as you prepare for your interview presentation: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

  6. Bring a great attitude with you to the interview.

  7. Focus and stick to your purpose for being there – every minute counts.

  8. Act energetic and enthusiastic

  9. Offer a confident handshake.

  10. Listen carefully to what is (and isn’t) being said.

  11. Do not interrupt when another person is talking.

  12. Speak without negative-sounding words

  13. Converse respectfully about self and others (colleagues, customers, managers, etc.)

  14. Maintain good eye contact.

  15. Pay attention to your instincts and what they are telling you.

  16. Exhibit your manners and professionalism.

  17. Make sure your cell phone is off.

  18. Remember, a little dab will do ya’ on the cologne and fragrance front.

  19. Engage your audience, be it one or several people.

  20. Use words that you can correctly pronounce, spell and define.(Client once used the word ‘paradigm’ at a job interview and was asked how to spell and define the word; his spelling “paradime” was not well received by the interview panel).

  21. Ask about recommended attire prior to the interview if you have any doubts about how to dress.

  22. Deliver relevant, spot-on content to prove that you are a worthy contender for the j-o-b.

  23. Show your confidence and make it easy for the employer to get to know you.

  24. Do not make hiring managers drag information out of you – imagine that they are already tired and overworked, so help make their job easier, not harder.

  25. Avoid expletives even if the hiring manager is using them and you seriously feel like saying some.

  26. Make certain your interview contains these three parts – opening, body and close – just like a good speech! Avoid unnecessary connectors such as “um, and, uh, well, etc.).

  27. Say thank you in person at both the beginning and conclusion of your interview presentation.

  28. Evaluate your overall interview performance for strengths and weaknesses once the interview is over.

  29. Write and send a thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. (I encourage clients to say thank you in multiple ways: 1. Face-to-face 2. Email 3. Snail mail.

  30. Follow-up with employer until a decision about your candidacy has been made.