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11 Ways to Make the Most of that Long Commute
By Sonya Buck, Australia

Many of us working in Agriculture are lucky, as our jobs are close to home or just a short drive to a regional centre. There are also many roles located in our capital cities and some other jobs which involve long drives for work travel.

If you are taking public transport you are in the best position to optimise your commute, but you can also utilise your car trips. Why not consider:


  • Study – knock over a part time course during the extra time commuting. An extra qualification may enable you to progress your career. Use noise-cancelling headphones to block out your fellow commuters so you can concentrate.

  • Check your emails and messages to get a head start on your day.

  • Write a do to list so that you can jump right in when you arrive at work and leave work on time.

  • Listen to Audiobooks and podcasts – a great way to kill time and be entertained. They could even be related to your work or study and can be accessed in the car too.

  • Read ‘actual’ paper books for entertainment or business.

  • As the advertisements say, catch up on your favourite TV shows anywhere, anytime.

  • Catch up on the articles you have bookmarked in trade magazines that you never have time to read.

  • Ok, ok, catch up on Social Media but only for a short time.

  • Use the time to plan home duties – dinners for the week or write a shopping list.

  • Update your resume so you’re ready for that new role found on

  • In the car, learn and practice another language using an APP.


Maybe the best use of your time on the way home is to just relax and this could involve some soothing music. Speaking from experience on trains, buses or ferries, don’t fall asleep and miss your stop. Shaking off your hectic day before you reach your front door could provide a great start to your night.

Making the most of your commute may alleviate some of the frustration of the time wasted and even help you on the career ladder.