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11 Ways to Destress While on Holiday

By Sonya Buck, Australia

Welcome to 2017. Congratulations you survived the silly season!

You’ve probably just experienced a huge build up to Christmas with lots of work deadlines and extra to do at home before the visitors hit your house.

Whether you have a short time off work or a bit longer, you need to make the most of it. Particularly working on farm, we can’t always leave and holiday on a desert island.

Here are just a few tips to take advantage of your downtime at home:

  1. Unplug. We’ve said it before. You need to check emails and texts all year, take time out over your break.
  2. Do nothing. Even allow yourself to be bored. When else do you get the chance?
  3. Not into meditation or yoga? Binge TV watch your favourite series. Who cares if you lose a day hanging out on the lounge, you’re on holiday.
  4. Nap. You’ve had a big year and you deserve it.
  5. BBQ. We Aussies love our barbeques. Invite around some friends and spend time with your family. (Why does everything taste better when cooked on the BBQ?)
  6. Take part in some backyard sport, but remember to warm up. Research suggests if you haven’t done any real sporting exercise all year, this may the time you will get injured.
  7. Make a new music playlist. You’ll need something new in the tractor or ute for 2017. (Hopefully you received some new CDs for Christmas)
  8. When it’s getting closer to your return to work, think about ways to limit stress for the year. Maybe take public transport instead of the car to avoid the traffic and use the time not driving on something you enjoy.
  9. Adopt a new attitude to work. It’s amazing how much difference positivity can make. Also plan to take breaks while working this year. Working from early am to pm without stopping is an awful habit to recommence.
  10. Make the decision to eat healthy. Don’t consider it a New Year Resolution, make it a permanent lifestyle choice.
  11. If you aren’t that thrilled with your current job, plan to make the change in 2017. Check out to find a position you will love.

Remember the old chestnut ‘work/life balance’. Did we do it or just talk about it a lot?

Your downtime is precious. Maybe consider incorporating some of these tips into your weekly routine.

By the way, happy belated New Year to you and your family.