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11 (Not So Common) Interview Tips
By Australia


We are all familiar with tips such as ‘Maintain eye contact’ ‘Don’t fidget’ and ‘Remember your interviewers name’, but interviewing so many candidates over the years has given me a unique insight into expectations from an employer’s point of view.

  1. IRON: If you can’t take the time to iron on this one important day, interviewers will believe you won’t bother when you work for them. Sub-tip: Don’t wear you jacket in the car, bus or train, just carry it until you arrive.

  2. RECEPTIONIST: While waiting for your interview, don’t forget to make a good impression on the Receptionist. Often employers ask for the Receptionist’s opinion of the candidates. Treat them badly and it will get back!

  3. MOBILE PHONE - Turn it off entirely. Yes, we all can’t live without them, but a ringing or vibrating phone is a really bad look.

  4. NERVES: Talk to the interviewer like you would your friends, but leave out the slang, shortening of words and swearing.

  5. DESPERATION: Even if you have been out of work for quite some time, try not to appear desperate. To keep relaxed say to yourself “It doesn’t matter if I secure this position” - but still make sure you do your best at interview.

  6. WEBSITE: Always visit the company web site and do research. One day I remember 6 out of 8 candidates hadn’t bothered. Believe me, answers like “I would have visited the web site, but my phone battery went dead” are just not acceptable.

  7. FOOT IN MOUTH: Don’t disparage any race, religion or group during the interview. Your interviewer may belong to that group. I remember one candidate offering “You know those !!!!! they’re so tight with money, they wouldn’t pay any overtime!”

  8. HUMOUR – Take your lead from your interviewer on this. If they look lifeless and without personality, don’t tell you funniest anecdote. This interviewer wasn’t me!

  9. ISSUES: Keep your personal issues to yourself. Walking into the interview room stating “I’m so tired, last night the kids wouldn’t sleep and the dog barked all night” is not something your new employer wants to know. They will be thinking “Will this employee be spreading this kind of joy each day in the workplace?”

  10. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Research theirs, cleanse yours!

  11. VALUE: Potential employers want to know about the added value you are going to bring to the company. Think about this beforehand. In general, we Australians don’t like to brag about ourselves, but this is your chance to sell yourself - without appearing arrogant of course!

Good luck!