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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Relocating for a Job




It’s no secret that sometimes it is tough to obtain work in regional Australia and you may need to consider relocating to rise up the career ladder or just to obtain employment. Equally, it’s an enormous decision to move from the city to the country, even if you are following a lifestyle dream.

It’s important to ask yourself some questions before you make the move:

  1. Have I done my homework on the new town or city, the new job, and the new company?

  2. What will the cost of living be where I relocate?

  3. Do I know enough about the town where I / we will be living?

  4. Have I really weighed up all the pros and cons?

  5. Will the new company offer further career advancement?

  6. How is the new company tracking in regard to performance and profitability?

  7. Moving from the city to the country in particular, the salary may be lower. Will this salary be adequate for me and / or my family?

  8. How does my family feel about the move and what they are leaving behind?

  9. Is work readily available for my partner or spouse, should they wish to work?

  10. Are there adequate facilities for my family, such as child-care, sports and other interests?


Should you own your own home, a great way to ‘hedge your bets’ is to rent in your new location and keep your property where you live now, rent it. If you are tree or sea changing, it may not be impossible to get back into the city property market should you wish to return.


Changing your job and where you live can be a really positive move, but it requires careful consideration. Just take time to ask yourself the right questions before you commit to this major life change.