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10 New Year Resolutions to Improve your Work Life

By Sonya Buck, Australia


Ok you say, switch off.  It’s about New Year Resolutions which go out the door on January 3rd.  Stop, you can’t afford to think this way, this is your career we are talking about!


They say we spend a third our lives working.  I suspect in Agriculture it’s a whole lot more than that.  Therefore, it’s more important than ever that we feel happy and satisfied in our work life.


The New Year provides us with an opportunity to press the ‘reset’ button on your career and other aspects of your life. 


You may wish consider one or more of these resolutions to make 2016 your best work year ever. We cover both topics staying and going.



  1. Work life balance 

We all talk about it and no one seems to achieve it.  In the least, work back less and possibly come in early instead.  It’s a great opportunity to get things done before you get any interruptions and you can leave on time, allowing you more free time for your life outside of work.


  1. Change your attitude

Make an effort to go into work with a positive attitude. People love to engage with positive and enthusiastic people.  This may even rub off on your colleagues and customers with great results.


  1. Get organised

If you feel you aren’t achieving anything, a list of priorities is a must, even numbered 1 to 10.  It’s a great feeling to cross things off your list when completed and it enables you to delegate more effectively.


If interrupted by constant emails, make times each day to read and respond.  Even if you have to use auto respond message advising others you’ll come back to them within X number of hours, you’ll get so much more work done.


  1. Get ready for promotion

Speak to your boss about what you need to achieve in the next 6 months to be eligible for a promotion and set goals.  If there will be no opportunities on offer in the near future, consider how long you could stay satisfied in your current role.  See resolution 6!


  1. Take care of yourself

Sometimes we define ourselves by our occupation.  Ensure you work at being fit and healthy and make sure you participate in other activities besides work.  It’s amazing how much emphasis is taken off work when you are enjoying other things.


  1. Reassess your current role

Consider whether you are enjoying your current employment. Think about what other work you would like to do.  If it involves you to further your knowledge, study part time or online until you are in a position to apply for a new role.


  1. Already time to move on?

In between the Summer BBQS and family gatherings, prepare you resume and ensure it is current.  Practice writing a good cover letter.  Make a template, but ensure you rejig it based on the role in which you are applying each time.  Cleanse your social media and update LinkedIn ready for your job search.


  1. Help with a cause

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and meet like-minded people. It’s also a great way to show employers how dedicated and hardworking you are.


  1. Network

Joining a trade association or user group associated with your industry as this may help open doors to a new job.


  1. Refine your job search

Make sure you are looking only in the employment areas which appeal to you.  Unless you are desperately miserable in your current role, forget applying for anything and everything.  Keep an eye on to see if any roles appeal.



Whether you decide to stay or go in 2016, enjoy your time in Agriculture, the best employment sector in Australia.