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New Classroom Implementation Guide for Ag Educators
January 24, 2023

New Classroom Implementation Guide for Ag Educators

Developing the next generation of talent is top priority for both and the National FFA Organization. As students discover and explore careers in agriculture, food, and natural resources, we’re thrilled to work together to create an essential resource piece for teachers, educators, advisors, and leaders.


The education experts from the National FFA Organization created the new Classroom Implementation Guide to use in conjunction with the Ag & Food Career Guide. The lessons lead students to career success using the Ag & Food Career Guide. The Implementation Guide includes resources, links, standards, activity sheets, lesson plans, activities, and optional extended learning opportunities.


Student Learning Objectives outline what students will take-away from completing the activities:

  1. Discover the tools and resources available to be prepared for a future career.
  2. Demonstrate the importance of being prepared for career fairs, interviews, and other career related activities.
  3. Research the endless opportunities of potential agricultural careers.


Start using the Classroom Implementation Guide now—you’ll find all the files you need here: FFA - Classroom Implementation Guide 


The Ag & Food Career Guide is a resource for students and young professionals across North America interested in careers within the industry. The Guide provides branding recognition for agriculture and food organizations with internships and entry-level roles; a direct connection to students and young professionals interested in ag and food careers; and educational content that engages and sustains readership.


This FFA Classroom Implementation Guide provides further brand exposure for employers and directs students to explore advertisers as part of the lesson plans. Find out more about Career Guide advertising, review the full media kit, and reserve your spot in the next edition now: /ag-and-food-careers-guide.cfm


Check out the online digital career guides here:

U.S. 2022-2023 Agriculture & Food Career Guide

Canada. 2022-2023 Agriculture & Food Career Guide

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