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NEW HR Review Just Released!
September 01, 2022

NEW HR Review Just Released! just released the updated Agriculture & Food HR Review for 2022-2023 with the latest trends in HR, recruitment and people management, and more you need to know.


We're delivering you the latest data directly from agriculture and food employers. surveys industry organizations annually to determine emerging HR trends and development in human resource management practices. Topics include salary reviews, employee attrition, workforce trends, development, flexible staffing, bonus and incentives, recruitment practices and more.


You'll discover:

  • Projected salary increases
  • Top recruitment methods
  • Employee turnover rates & average replacement time
  • Tactics to improve company culture
  • Steps to compete against other employers
  • Flexible work arrangements


There are separate U.S. and Canadian editions available to download for free. Get your full copy by clicking the links below:

U.S. 2022-2023 Agriculture & Food HR Review

Canadian 2022-2023 Agriculture & Food HR Review

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