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HS/MS Agriculture Education Teacher with FFA

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Job Title: HS/MS Agriculture Education Teacher with FFA
Location: SD, Mid-West United States, USA
Company: National Association of Agricultural Educators
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Education and Extension
Career Type: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: N/A
Salary: $40,500+, $3,000 Signing Bonus / Per Year
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Apply to this position



REPORTS TO:  Building Principal


SUPERVISES:  Students assigned to the classroom


WORKS WITH: Classroom aides, administrators, other classroom teachers, classified staff, parents, community members


QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree and endorsements in the areas of teaching assignment.  Current, valid South Dakota teaching certificate.  


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Hand-eye, mind-eye coordination. Constant hearing; intermittent speaking, standing, walking, and writing. Frequent carrying, keyboarding, and other repetitive motions.


OTHER REQUIREMENTS:  Excellent oral and written communication skills. Skills in human relations, leadership and conflict management. Knowledgeable of teaching techniques that meet the diverse needs of students. Demonstrated skills in the use of technology to enhance student learning.


EXPERIENCE:    Successful student teaching




1. Ability to Plan and Prepare Instructional Tasks

  • Plan instructional tasks that are meaningful and related to learning goals

2. Provide Instruction to Students

  • Implement District curriculum
  • Maintain a strong instructional focus utilizing the elements of effective instruction
  • Communicate a high level of expectation
  • Communicate clear learning goals to students
  • Adapt instruction to meet the needs of all students
  • Address various learning styles
  • Sequence content at an appropriate pace
  • Use appropriate level of questioning to promote understanding
  • Relate lesson content to prior and future learning
  • Require students to summarize information in written and
  • Appropriately recognize and reinforce individual student effort
  • Represent knowledge/information non-linguistically through a variety of methods
  • Organize students in cooperative or ability groups when appropriate
  • Require students to analyze and apply knowledge
  • Display enjoyment, humor, and enthusiasm for teaching and expect students to
  • enjoy learning
  • Conduct ongoing assessments for learning

3. Provide Effective Classroom Environment

  • Establish appropriate classroom rules and procedures that are clearly understood by all students
  • Effectively and consistently enforce rules and follow procedures
  • Redirect students naturally and immediately without disrupting others
  • Be well-organized and have all materials, equipment
  • Carry out smooth and effective transitions (e.g. students enter and leave the room)
  • Maximize time on purposeful instructional tasks
  • Begin and end class period with a focus on learning
  • Establish a positive learning environment

4. Participate in Professional Growth Opportunities and Demonstrate Professionalism

  • Participate in ongoing professional growth
  • Participate in school/professional and/or community organizations or events
  • Complete routine assigned tasks and comply with District requirements
  • Promote the education profession
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with colleagues, parents, and students
  • Conduct parent-teacher conferences in accordance with District policy

5. Follow District and building policies and procedures
6. Support of District goals
7. Report student progress to parents and students
8. Perform other duties as assigned


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be determined in accordance with the evaluation policy and procedures of the board of education.


PUBLIC DEMANDS: Presents a proactive and positive image of the school, students, and staff, and fosters the district mission to educate and empower all students to become successful, contributing citizens in an ever-changing world.

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Job Post Date: 04/26/19
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