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Farm Manager

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Job Title: Farm Manager
Location: Charles City, VA, South United States, USA
Company: Meadowspring Turf Farm LLC
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Crop Production
Career Type: Farm & Ranch Operations/Herdsperson/On Farm
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: 10
Salary: Commensurate with Skills & Experience
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Farm Manager


Meadowspring Turf Farm is searching for a Farm Manager for a farming operation in the Eastern part of Virginia. The candidate should be educated in all processes of crop and turf production. The person in this position will assist the owner with production, growing, harvesting, storing, etc. The candidate shall know how to lead a turf harvesting crew and know equipment operations and its maintenance. Essential that this person have good employee management skills. Rural living with lots of fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and more. Excellent opportunity for long-term employment, along with excellent opportunities for advancements. This is a very progressive operation and needs a person who can grow in responsibility.



Essential Functions:


  • Responsible for employee training and supervision of all field work.
  • Day to day operational decisions of a turf farm.
  • Responsible for maintenance of equipment and farm buildings.
  • Responsible for all turf production, warm and cool season grasses, to include planting, mowing, harvesting and irrigation.
  • Plan, organize, direct optimum day-to-day operations to exceed customer expectations.Evaluate labor utilization, job responsibilities and duties.
  • Anticipate staffing opportunities and coordinate training of appropriate personnel to minimize downtime and maximize operational effectiveness.


Knowledge, Skills and Ability:


  • Must be highly experienced and knowledgeable of all aspects of farming.
  • Analyze problems and carry out repairs.
  • At times, will need to work late hours and 7 days a week.
  • Complete the cultivation of fields for spring and fall planting including operation of all farm vehicles and equipment.
  • Self-starter.
  • Work well under pressure in order to meet multiple, and sometimes, competing deadlines.
  • Will need to oversee and manage the farm staff including planning and scheduling of daily operations.
  • Excellent knowledge of all farm equipment and maintenance.
  • Experience running large excavating equipment. (Backhoe, excavator, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, supervisors and office personal at all times.




  • Inspect crops, fields to determine conditions and need for mowing, spraying, weeding, or harvesting.
  • Assign duties, such as irrigation, or harvesting of sod, or equipment maintenance.
  • Observe workers to detect inefficient or unsafe work procedures or to identify problems, initiating corrective action as necessary.
  • Review employees' work to evaluate quality and quantity.
  • Prepare reports or keep records regarding farm conditions, planting, machinery breakdowns and maintenance, or labor problems.
  • Requisition or purchase supplies, such as machine parts or lubricants, or tools.
  • Estimate labor requirements for jobs and plan work schedules accordingly.
  • Direct or assist with the adjustment or repair of trucks, farm equipment or machinery.
  • Train workers in techniques such as planting, harvesting, and in the use of safety measures.
  • Drive or operate farm machinery, such as trucks, tractors, or self-propelled harvesters, to transport workers or supplies or harvest sod.
  • Perform the same horticultural or agricultural duties as subordinates.Issue equipment, such as farm implements, machinery, or work tools to workers, and collect equipment when work is complete.Inspect facilities to determine maintenance needs.
  • Confer with sales or office manager to evaluate weather or soil conditions, to develop plans or procedures, or to discuss issues relating to harvesting schedule.


Work Activities:


  • Inspecting equipment, structures, or material to determine repair or replacement.
  • Guiding, directing, and motivating subordinates.
  • Training and teaching others.
  • Organizing, planning, scheduling and prioritizing work and harvesting activities.
  • Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships.
  • Documenting/recording information.
  • Performing general physical activities.
  • Communicating with managers, peers, or subordinates.
  • Making decisions and solving problems.
  • Operating vehicles, mechanized devices, or equipment.
  • Orient new employees.
  • Develop and implement irrigation practices.
  • Recognize plant diseases and weed problems.
  • Inspect turf to maintain high quality.Maintain or repair off and on-road vehicles, machinery, or mechanical implements.
  • Modify work procedures or processes to meet deadlines.


Education/Job Experience:


  • Four year degree in a related major preferred and a minimum of 10 years of turfgrass/sod production experience.
  • Successful candidate should be bi-lingual (English/Spanish) but not necessary, have strong communication and interpersonal management skills.
  • Must be computer literate and have a clean driving record.
  • Highly experienced with large tractors, planters, self-propelled sprayers, and turf equipment.
  • Good employee management skills/ability to lead a crew.
  • Strong equipment operation and maintenance skills required.




  • Work vehicle.
  • Housing.
  • Possible help to relocate.
  • Holiday and vacation pay



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Job Post Date: 08/08/19
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