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Workforce Changes Ahead

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Workforce Changes Ahead – surveyed U.S. agribusinesses for the 2015 Agribusiness HR Review report.  Find more information about HR trends, including workforce size, anticipated job openings, employee satisfaction and women in the workplace.  Download the full report at the following link:


Infographic- Title:  Workforce Changes Ahead  Image Text:  Projected changes to Agribusiness in 2015.  Findings from the 2015 U.S. Edition Agribusiness HR Review.  Workforce sizing increasing:  Is the size of your workforce likely to change in the next 2 years?  68.18% expect to see it increase.  Workforce being heard:  47.27% of companies measure employee satisfaction.  61.54% of those companies measure annually.  Anticipated job openings:  In the next 12 months 37.84% of companies expect to fill 10-50 open jobs.  Workforce diversifying:  Has the number of female employees in your workforce grown over past 5 years?  Yes 50.91%; Unsure 27.27%; No 21.82%.