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Will they stay or will they go?

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Will they stay or will they go?  The Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Ag Industry survey asked those that were currently employed how satisfied they were, what would motivate them to leave for another opprotunity, how often they search for jobs and would they relocate.  The full survey report documents more details and also data from those currently unemployed.  

Infographic- Title:  Will they stay or will they go?  Sub-title:  A look at the 2014 “Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Ag Industry” survey.   Image Text:  Currently Employed Edition.  Satisfaction rating with current coworkers 3.17, employer 3.06, boss 3.03, job duties 3.02.  4=very satisfied; 1=very unsatisfied.  What would motivate you to leave for another opportunity?  3.48 career growth/advancement, 3.47 higher compensation, 3.24 better benefits.  4=very likely; 1-very unlikely.  How often do you search for other jobs?  31% as they are presented to me, 25% weekly, 17% daily, 15% not searching.  Would you relocate for another job?  39% yes, 35% maybe, 29% no.  Want more information from this study?  Visit, hover over “Employers” and click on “Market Research.”