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What Recruiters Look for in Cover Letters

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What Recruiters Look for in Cover Letters – Certified Executive Career Coach Louise Garver shares that recruiters look for customization, formatting, errors, professionalism and experience in cover letters; find out how to accomplish these five components in your cover letter to a potential employer. 


Infographic - Title: What Recruiters Look for in Cover Letters. Image Text:  Customize:  A cover letter should show your familiarity with the company and/or job and show how you would be a good fit.  Recruiters want to know that you’re paying attention and that you fit their criteria.  How-to:  Include relevant industry news, recent product launches.  Show you’re interested & follow industry trends.  Format:  Recruiters only want to extract relevant information.  Lengthy, dense paragraphs make their work harder.  Keep it short and save your stories for the interview.  How-to:  Make paragraphs concise.  Let your resume shine with the facts.  Errors:  You might in be a hurry to submit your materials to a position you are interested in, but don’t be in too much of a hurry not to proofread.  Proofreading could save you from quick elimination.  How-to:  Don’t just auto-correct, PROOFREAD.  Auto-correct isn’t always the best option.  It can mistake typing errors for inappropriate words.  Professional:  Creative routes are more appropriate for marketing positions.  At the executive level, most recruiters want professionally written cover letters.  How-to:  Follow formal business letter writing templates.  Be sure to include each component like heading, inside address, salutation, body, closing and signature.  Match Experience:  Recruiters are only interested in how quickly they can match your past work experience with the qualities and requirements of their current search assignment.  How-to:  Highlight your past work experiences that correlate with the opening you’re applying for.  Make quick example statements explaining how you’ve used that skill in the past.  Check out the Newsletter archives & subscribe to our weekly e-Newsletter to receive more tips and advice for your job search.