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What Employees Want

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What Employees Want– Employees want to work for an industry leader, they value health care benefits and want a manger that provides specific goals and objectives.  Find out the top three things employees want most in an employer, the top four most valued benefits and the top three things a manager can do for their employees.  The full 2013 Total Rewards survey report and 2012-2013 Insight Survey from detail more about what employees value and find rewarding.


Infographic - Title: What Employees Want. Image Text:  What employees want most in an employer:  30% a Leader in the Industry; 25% Good Products; 21% Fair Compensation.  Top 4 most valued benefits:  72% Health Care Benefits (Medical, Vision, Dental); 67% Retirement Savings Plan (Employer Match); 65% Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick, Personal); 62% Challenging, Meaningful Work.  Top 3 things a manager can do:  24% Provide Specific Goals & Objectives; 31% Lead by Example; 22% Provide Continuous Positive & Constructive Feedback.  This data is from the 2012-2013 Insight Survey and the 2013 Total Rewards Survey.  For more agribusiness-specific market research, visit