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How to Best Utilize Twitter as a Business Professional

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How to Best Utilize Twitter as a Business Professional – To best utilize Twitter as a business professional, develop a strategy of who to follow, do your own tweeting, support your marketing team, and have fun and be genuine.  Find examples and how to do this from President, Eric Spell. 


Infographic - Title: How to Best Utilize Twitter as a Business Professional.  Image Text:  1 Develop a strategy of who to follow.  Consider following key corporate clients, news sources, key associations, sports teams, etc.  Following:  @AgCareers, @NationalFFA, @CWEDA.  2 Do your own tweeting!  Followers value business leaders who do their OWN tweeting while driving the following of their business.  The Ag Guy @AgGuy12345  Cattle manager.  Grower.  Tweets are my own.  Texas.  3 Support your marketing team.  In a leadership role your social medial efforts/actions should be in tandem with the marketing team and not in lieu of their activities.  Retweeted by Eric D Spell @AgCareers:  We’re busy planning the 2014 Ag & Food HR Roundtable!  Have you registered yet?  4 Have fun & be genuine.  Show a little humor!  Followers notice funny tweets form a business leader.  It’s also a superb place to compliment or even brag about your team in a public manner!  @ericspell:  #JobTipFriday:  Be thankful for your job!  Remember there are always jobs that area a lot worse!  Tips from Eric Spell, President of  @EricSpell  @AgCareeers