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Solutions for Work Wardrobe Emergencies

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Solutions for Work Wardrobe Emergencies – You’re running out the door for an interview, starting your first day at work, or getting ready for a big presentation on the job and notice a major wardrobe malfunction- ARGHHHH, what now?!?

Infographic- Title: Solutions for Work Wardrobe Emergencies.  Image Text: Popped Button:  Use a twist tie from a bread bag to temporarily reattach it.  Loose hem:  Fix a loose pant hem with some double-stick tape.  Fly’s Open:  Slide a keyring through the hole in your zipper pull and hook it around the button.  Shoe Scuff:  On black shoes, fill in a scuff mark with a black Sharpie.  Earring Back:  snip the eraser off a pencil to use it as a temporary earring back.  Nylon Run:  clear nail polish or hair spray will stop a nylon run.  Sweater Snag:  Pull the snag through to the back side with a needle or pin.  Too Tight:  give tight pants some leeway by hooking a rubber band around your button, through the hole and back around.