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The growing demand for talent in the agricultural industry means there are growing opportunities for students. explored the student talent supply and demand in the industry in the Enrollment & Employment Outlook:  Planning for Emerging Careers 2013 Update.  The report explores students enrolled in ag programs, ag job opportunities, workforce planning, starting salaries, top majors and more. 


Infographic - Title: Growing Opportunities. Sub-title: Growing demand for talent = Growing opportunities for students. Image Text:  Agriculture students make up less than 1% of the total number of students enrolled in postsecondary education. But there are nearly two times as many diverse job opportunities as there are qualified graduates to fill them! 59% of agricultural companies expect their workforce to increase in size in the next two years. Competitive starting salaries are given for all levels of ag education: $36,578 for associate’s, $41,030 for bachelor’s, $41,176 for master’s, $88,388 doctorate / PhD. Top 3 majors for 2 year programs: 1) horticulture 2) ag business 3) ag production / operations. Top 3 majors for 4 year programs: 1) animal science 2) ag business 3) food science. Careers in agriculture are: plentiful, well-compensated, rewarding, diverse, needed. Visit to explore what your future career in ag could be. Log onto to discover thousands of growing career opportunities in agriculture.