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Rules for Using Personal Cell Phones at Work

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Rules for Using Personal Cell Phones at Work – Follow these six rules from Dawn Rosenberg McKay on using your personal cell phone at work. 


Infographic - Title: Rules for Using Personal Cell Phones at Work. Image Text: Turn your ringer off!  At least set it to vibrate.  Focus on your job, don’t annoy others and don’t let your boss know how often you get called.  Only use it for important calls.  What is an “important” call?  A family emergency.  Use good judgment.  Managing your social calendar is NOT an important call.  “Let’s go out this weekend!”  Let it go to voicemail.  If ever in doubt, let voicemail pick it up.  It will take less time to review messages later than to pick up and say you can’t talk.  “7 New Voicemails.”  Make cell phone calls privately.  It’s okay to use your desk to make calls during breaks, but find somewhere else to talk so you don’t disrupt your coworkers.  No restroom calls…ever.  You never know who’s in there.  And the person on the receiving end will hear background noises (e.g. toilets flushing).  No cell phones at meetings.  Even if it’s on vibrate.  This sends a clear signal you’re not 100% focused on your job.  All these rules apply to personal testing as well.  Check out the Newsletter archives & subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter to receive more tips and advice for professional development.