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A Look at Benefits in Agribusiness: Figures from the 2014 U.S. Agribusiness HR Review – Find out what benefits agribusinesses offer, how they compete for talent and train their staff.  Additional details can be found by downloading the full 2014 Agribusiness HR Review report. Separate US and Canadian editions available.  


Infographic- Title:  A look at Benefits in Agribusiness.  Sub-title:  Figures from the 2014 U.S. Agribusiness HR Review.  Image Text:  Three most common benefits offered:  health insurance, 401k/Retirement, Bonus.  Top strategies to compete with other employers:  better benefits 74%, higher compensation 52%, recognition programs 35%.  Amount of agribusiness companies paying bonuses; in 2014, 40% of agribusiness companies paid bonuses to over 90% of employees.  Number of paid holidays provided; combined, over 80% of companies provided between size and ten holidays per year.  Ag companies offering training & development; more than 70% of companies motivate employees with training and development to keep them productive and challenged by their roles.  Learn more about the Agribusiness HR Review at