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Canadian Agribusiness Job Report: Job Seekers

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Canadian Agribusiness Job Report:  Job Seekers – More than 3,000 jobs were posted in Canada on in 2013.  The top three industry types were agronomy, crop protection and finance/banking.  The full job report also documents jobs by region, career type and outlines employers’ educational requirements. 


Infographic - Title: Canadian Agribusiness Job Report:  Job Seekers. Sub-title: Highlights from the 2013 Canada Edition of the Agribusiness Job Report. Image Text:  3,354 jobs were posted in Canada on in 2013.  Jobs posted by region:  45% Prairies, 32% Western, 22% Central, 1% Atlantic and less than 1% Northern.  Which jobs are where?  Top Career Types by Canadian Region:  Western- 54% Sales/Marketing, 22% Operations, 11% Management; Prairies- 50% Sales/Marketing, 23% Operations, 11% Management; Central- 56% Sales/Marketing, 13% Management, 11% Administration; Atlantic- 47% Financial Services, 16% Management, 16% Sales/Marketing.  Top three industry types:  19% Agronomy, 15% Crop Protection, 8% Finance/Banking.  Employers Educational Requirements:  51% Bachelor’s Degree or higher, 18% High School Diploma, 15% Associate Degree, 10% Skilled Trade Certificate, 4% Master’s Degree, 1% Doctorate, 1% Apprenticeship Certificate.  Download the full report under the Resources tab at