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Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood

Today, fish and other seafood are sourced from oceans, lakes, rivers, and fish farms. Aquaculture refers to breeding and raising fish, molluscs, crustaceans, and aquatic plants in controlled conditions for food uses. Careers in this industry include commercial fishing, husbandry technology, farm management, veterinary services, seafood processing, packaging, logistics, and more.

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Employer Jobs

Class A Truck Driver
08/21/19 | Agribusiness - Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood - Transportation/Truck Driver
Cutler, California, West United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Feed Mill General Manager #705
08/01/19 | Agribusiness - Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood - Nutritionist/Formulator
Mississippi, South United States, USA