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GROWMARK (old Feed acct) Jobs and Careers

If you’re looking for an exciting, engaging job with a growing company, there is plenty of opportunity within the GROWMARK System. A locally owned and globally strong network of farm supply and grain marketing organizations, we serve as a partner in today’s complex farming operations.


FS is the flagship retail brand of the GROWMARK System. We provide agriculture-related products and services and grain marketing in the Midwest and Ontario, Canada. FS brand farm supplies and related services are also marketed to farmers in the northeastern United States and by GROWMARK subsidiaries.


The GROWMARK System has career opportunities for individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. A key characteristic, however, is the ability to work with the customers of FS member cooperatives located throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and Ontario, Canada. Positions include FS crop and energy specialists, custom applicators, delivery and operations people, and store managers.


Opportunities are available at the corporate office in Bloomington, Illinois, as well. Positions include marketing and communications specialists, energy experts, human resources positions, and career development specialists.


Training and Certification

Comprehensive training is available to all employees – it is part of our philosophy to develop employees for increasing levels of responsibility and progress within the GROWMARK System. Each new employee is enrolled in our internal educational and development training that includes programs in career development, product divisions, FS member cooperatives, and regions.


From certification programs and safety training to supervisory skill building and Life Long Learning programs, the people of the GROWMARK System have access to a myriad of learning opportunities to help them succeed.


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Growmark is proud to support the Ag Warriors program, which connects military men and women with career opportunities in agriculture. As an employer supporter of the Ag Warriors program, Growmark is communicating a commitment to actively recruit and employ talented soldiers that meet our organization’s needs. 

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