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Fosston Tri-Coop Jobs and Careers

Fosston Coop Elevator was established in August 1935 and is a farmer-owned coop located in northwest Minnesota. We are a handler of wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, sunflowers, oats, rye, and edible beans. We also offer a full line of agronomy services, including Crop Protection Products, Crop Nutrients, Seed, Custom Application, and Soil Sampling. Diversitication began with the building of the Certified Seed Plant in 1965. In August 2006 we added the McIntosh Elevator to our Company. McIntosh has a total grain storage of 170,000 bushels along with an 800 ton fertilizer plant. We will continue to offer all the services in McIntosh including receiving all commodities along with dry fertilizer, custom application, seed, treating, inoculation and chemical. We will continue to grow in the upcoming year of 2009 as we consolidate with Fosston Coop Ag Service and Rosebud Coop Oil. As of January 1, 2009 our new name will be Fosston Tri-Coop. More information will be published as it is received.

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