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Everyday Acts of Inclusion Webinar
August 28, 2023

Everyday Acts of Inclusion Webinar

Employers are responsible for ensuring employees are safe and valued in the workplace. Inclusion programs make certain that everyone feels respected, welcomed, appreciated, and heard. This practice helps employees feel they belong and can bring their complete selves to work.

Your organization may hire the best talent, but you also want to keep them. An inclusive workplace is one way to build an engaged staff that is more likely to stay. Are there ways your organization can be more inclusive? Can YOU be a more inclusivity-minded manager or colleague?

Developing a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) campaign strategy can be daunting. In this webinar, we'll discover everyday acts of inclusion that most employers can implement immediately. Join us on Friday, September 29th for Everyday Acts of Inclusion in the Workplace, an webinar.


Presented by Shanta Eaden, Founder and CEO of Leader's Edge Consulting, LLC. Shanta is an enterprise change leader who brings 20-plus years of expertise in integrating people, processes and technology to affect change. Find out more about Shanta here


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Learning Objectives: 

· The definition of and segments of an inclusive workplace culture

· What an employer's inclusion program includes

· Inclusivity do's and don'ts for an effective D.E.I. initiative

· Creating an inclusive workplace and an engaged team

· Managing & developing an inclusivity-centered workplace

· Simple acts of inclusion to incorporate into a workday



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