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Advanced Search Hosts Virtual Career Fair in Conjunction with the Royal Agricultural Virtual Experience
October 26, 2020,, and the OFA extend the Feed Your Future program by partnering with The Royal Agricultural Virtual Experience

Virtual Career Fair to be featured as part of the Royal Agricultural Virtual Experience

Guelph, Ontario – and, two sister companies dedicated to connecting talented individuals with agri-food employers, have extended their partnership with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) to host a Feed Your Future Virtual Career fair as part of the Royal Agricultural Virtual Experience (RAVE). The career fairs will take place on November 10th and 12th from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Due to the current pandemic, the Royal Agricultural Winer Fair is taking place virtually for the first time in its history. The organization has changed the name to RAVE this year and is offering a unique opportunity to experience the very best in Canadian agriculture and food from for consumers from the convenience and safety of their laptop, tablet, smart phone or desktop.

“Since its beginnings in 1922, the Royal Winter Fair has been a celebration of the best in agriculture and local food. and are pleased to have been chosen by the Royal as the exclusive partner for its innovative Virtual Career Fair,” says Kathryn Doan, & Careers in, Director. “This year, more than any year before, people across Ontario recognize the importance of the food supply chain to keep us all well-nourished and healthy, so it’s a perfect match,” and are excited to have the opportunity to work with such an historic organization that is truly passionate about the agri-food industry. The goal of this career fair is to connect employers with individuals that are interested in joining the agri-food industry. 

“We are excited to help employers in the industry connect with talented individuals who have an interest in the agri-food industry. We are hoping to promote the industry and to showcase to job seekers the vast amount of diverse career opportunities the industry has to offer,” continues Doan. 

“You don’t need to have grown up on a farm to work in agriculture, as long as you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, there is a rewarding career waiting for you, whether they are on the farm, in a lab, in a plant, or in an office, the agri-food industry has a lot to offer,” concludes Doan.

The continuation of the Feed Your Future initiative was made possible by the OFA who has generously sponsored the event. 

“After such a successful summer program with Feeding Your Future, we are delighted to help and host another Virtual Career Fair at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Royal is a great event that attracts a wide variety of audiences to celebrate what the agricultural industry has to offer,” said Danielle Collins, Economic Development Policy Analyst at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA). “We are hoping that this virtual career fair can help connect farmers with the talent they need to continue to grow their farm businesses, and to attract new talent from different backgrounds into the agricultural industry.” 

If you are interested in registering for the Virtual Career Fair, or want to learn more, visit /feed-your-future-ontario.cfm 

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair traditionally takes place in November each year in the City of Toronto. showcasing the best in agriculture and local food, this year the event will be virtual. For more information, visit:

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