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North American Agriculture Workforce During COVID-19 Updates
June 09, 2020 continues to keep a pulse on the COVID-19 impact on workforce management in agriculture. To identify trends during the pandemic, conducted four consecutive polls of agricultural employers and employees/job seekers in North America.


Our newly released North American Agriculture Workforce During COVID-19 Survey Results focuses on the last two surveys in April and May.


Key findings:

  • Most ag employers have still not taken action to manage employment numbers within their organization (layoffs, furloughs, etc.), and did not feel that they would need to implement employee management strategies at all during the pandemic.
  • Nearly 60% of employers are proceeding as planned with internship programs.
  • The majority of employers are still continuing recruitment and hiring efforts despite COVID-19, with increasing numbers indicating so from April to May.
  • The percentage of employees/candidates exploring their employment options increased to 66% in May.
  • More than half of employers have begun working on a workforce re-entry plan.


Find out more about COVID-19 planning, workforce management, mental health, internships, hiring and re-entry plans in the North American Agriculture Workforce During COVID-19 Survey Results report.

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