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Free Job Seeker Webinar: Understanding Your Job Offer
June 05, 2018

Is this salary what I deserve? How does PTO compare to paid vacation/sick time? Why in the world do I need to think about retirement plans right now?! Looking over a job offer can be mind-boggling to someone in these changing times. How can you be sure you’re getting a good offer if you feel like it’s in another language?


Register for this free job seeker webinar to help you learn a little more about today's job offer in an easily understandable way:

• An analysis of the modern job offer

• Determining the best job offer package

• Comparing & understanding the many different benefits

• How to evaluate your cost of living

• How to negotiate a job offer package


Canada:  June 15, 2018

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U.S.:  June 22, 2018

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