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Ag Education Profiles Released
March 21, 2018 is excited to announce the release of our new educational resource: Ag Education Profiles. Similar to our already popular Ag Career Profiles, the Ag Education Profiles provide an opportunity for young people and students to explore and consider a future in agriculture.


The 87 Ag Education Profiles encompass a variety of career paths from business and engineering to animal science and agricultural mechanics. The variety of options, including those not normally considered to be agricultural majors, welcome the opportunity for viewers to understand how their interests could align with agriculture.


Each profile contains information regarding degree duration, potential coursework, other common major names, additional recommended opportunities to pursue, and links to relevant career profiles. Each profile, like the Ag Career Profiles, also contains a printable PDF for viewers to utilize.


To view the Ag Education Profiles, visit this link: /ag-education/education-profiles.cfm

View our 260 Ag Career Profiles at this link: /career-profiles/ 

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