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New Webinar Subscription Service Available from
January 18, 2018 is excited to offer a new opportunity bundling our webinars to employers. Beginning this year, will offer a subscription service allowing access to the entire 2018 webinar series.


All five employer webinars will be offered for the special discounted price of $490 for an annual subscription. Normally priced at $189 each, this subscription package amounts to savings of $455.


The 2018 Webinar Series consists of the following webinar events:


February 23: Interviewing Techniques for Employers

April 20: Subject to Change: Coping Strategies for Changing Times

August 24: Delivering a Meaningful Candidate Experience

October 19: HR & Marketing Partnership for Recruiting

December 7: Difficult but Necessary: Having Key Conversations

*Dates subject to change based on speaker availability


Employers also have the option to attend a June 15 (Canada) or June 22 (United States) job seeker webinar entitled Understanding Job Offer Packages free of charge. webinars provide the unmatched value of additional learning in the workplace with current topics appropriate for managers, hiring managers, human resources professionals, recruiting professionals, and collegiate career services professionals. Webinars, in particular, provide an easily accessible source for continued education in the workplace, as they can be attended from anywhere. Our team works diligently to select meaningful topics and dynamic speakers that tailor to talent professionals in agriculture.


Gain access to the 2018 webinar series for just $490; a $945 value. Email to subscribe now.




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