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Discover Ag Careers for Educators
March 07, 2017

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture recently published a free downloadable resource for 6-8th grade educators, called “Discover Ag Careers.” 

This resource follows nine career focus areas as outlined by the National FFA Organization.  These areas include the eight career focus areas identified by the National Career Clusters® in addition to an area for Agricultural Education.


Throughout this resource, you will find references to AgExplorer, a practical tool developed by the National FFA Organization, Discovery Education, and is the strategic career success partner of the FFA. was pleased to contribute the content for the agriculture career profiles featured within Ag Explorer.      


The resources in this kit are based on each career focus area. Each area includes: 


  • One lesson that introduces students to the career focus area and associated career opportunities
  • Three standards-based, interdisciplinary supplemental activities that each feature a different career from that area
  • One take-home activity sheet that introduces students to another career from that area through a fun, engaging activity


The resources are designed to focus on one career focus area each month during the school year. If you choose to follow this structure, we recommend having a weekly career day. The main lesson is presented the first week of the month, followed by the three supplemental activities.


Download this Discover Ag Careers educator guide and other free resources here.  

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