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Elite Talent: A New Way to Connect High-Level Candidates and Ag Employers
February 28, 2017 recently launched Elite Talent, a private online community where experienced, quality checked professionals within agriculture can connect with agricultural employers, explore career opportunities, and access career transition resources in a controlled and confidential manner. 



As a new spin on traditional job searching, Elite Talent gives candidates the control.  Talent members with a private profile can remain anonymous while actively exploring agricultural opportunities.  Find out more in our Elite Talent video.  Qualifying individuals may set-up their Elite Talent membership now.  Haven’t gone through a career transition in a while?  That’s okay, Elite Talent offers a wide variety of helpful resources to bring you up to speed and set you up for success.  Also, don’t miss helpful compensation benchmark tools available only to those that are part of this elite community. 



The value of finding quality passive talent can’t be underestimated.  Talent members within the Elite Talent community are prescreened to meet a series of criteria, such as experience in executive or senior management, high-demand skilled professions, or consultant services.  Employers benefit by exploring the talent landscape with the ability to post elite level jobs and engage with talent through the online messaging system in a confidential or public manner.  For details, check out our Elite Talent site, or contact us at

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