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January 19, 2017 is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 Advancing Women Conference (AWC).  The time has never been better for women to shine in agriculture. Women are contributing to and changing our industry every day.


On the farm. Through agriculture associations. In our universities. And, in the boardrooms and offices of agribusinesses across North America.


To accomplish change, women need strong networks and solid skills. They need mentors and inspiring real-world examples of what’s possible.  That’s where the Advancing Women Conferences can help.


The conferences offer a unique opportunity for women to: Listen Learn Network and Grow

  • listen to speakers who’ve reached career highs,
  • learn from other women who face similar challenges,
  • network with women who share a common passion for agriculture, and
  • grow life and career skills to prepare you for your best possible future.



AWC is the premier networking event for women in agriculture, offered right here in Canada.


Join hundreds of women who have already committed to spending time together, reigniting friendships, and finding new people to connect with.


This conference is for women of all ages and stages. It is for women who need to re-charge their batteries, be motivated and inspired and invest in themselves, so they can be of greater value to their families, their community and the industry.  


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