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Activity and Flexibility of Unemployed Job Seekers
October 25, 2016

Although the Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Ag Industry survey found that only 12% of respondents were unemployed, valuable information was gleaned from those participants.

More than half (53%) had been unemployed less than six months. As expected, unemployed respondents were very active; 69% searched for job opportunities daily.

The majority of unemployed job seekers were flexible in their job search.

  • 80% were open to relocation.

    • Males were more willing to relocate than females.

    • 48% were willing to relocate “anywhere.”

    • 72% would accept a cut in pay in order to secure a new job.

    • 14% would accept more than a 20% reduction in salary to secure a new position.

Only 38% of unemployed respondents were confident or extremely confident that they would find a job in agriculture. When we look at gender differences, males were more confident than females in their ability to find a job in the agricultural industry.

Unemployed participants were questioned about what they felt had been a hindrance to them finding a job.  The most significant perceived barrier was the lack of opportunities in their location, followed by being overqualified. Participants could also select “other” and specify; by far the most frequently cited other
hindrance was age.

View the full report for additional details: Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Agricultural Industry Survey Report.

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