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The Right Appearance for Your Job Interview
October 25, 2016

By Bonnie Johnson,

First impressions are a significant interview component; it is human nature for someone to form an opinion about you in the first few seconds after you meet. Even if you are applying for a job that will find you outfitted in shorts and t-shirts every day, this is not appropriate interview attire. Dressing up for an interview shows your respect for the company and the person interviewing you.

The first step in preparing your interview wardrobe is to find out the company’s dress code. Ask people you know who work at the company, observe employees, or visit the company website for specifics. You may even call the company and ask the receptionist or human resources staff about the company dress code or what they would suggest for your upcoming interview. If you are unable to find out this information, it is safer to be on the dressier side.

If the company has a relaxed dress code where employees dress in jeans and tennis shoes, this is still not usually proper for an interview. It is suggested that men choose dress pants or khakis with a collared shirt and dress shoes to interview at a casual company. Women may want to choose dress pants with a shirt or sweater.

If the company has a more formal dress code, a suit and tie is expected for men, while women can choose a pant suit or dress.

Regardless of the company’s dress code, below are a few tips for everyone:

  • Clothes should be clean, wrinkle-free and fit well

  • Nails should be trimmed and hair neatly styled

  • Generally choose neutral colors such as black, navy, grey, brown or tan

  • Jewelry should be understated

  • Finish your neat, well-prepared look by bringing a document case with extra copies of your resume, references, and paper and pen for note taking

Your outfit should indicate your professionalism, but not be distracting when you are expressing yourself and your qualifications during the interview!



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