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VIDEO: Managing Career Displacement Video Series
October 05, 2016

The following are videos created by offering expert advice on managing career displacement from discussing the impact of career displacement to selling yourself in an interview.

The Impact of Career Displacement

In our video series looking at the impact of career displacement, we begin by focusing on the impact of being let go.

Searching for a Job

It is something you have to do - beginning with the search for a new job. Visit to search for job openings in the agriculture, food, biotechnology and natural resources industries. Over 3,000 positions posted each month!

Writing an Effective Resume

This 15-minute video explains the keys to composing a resume that is sure to receive notice from employers.

Selling Yourself in an Interview

You've found a job opening you think you'd like. Your resume must have been a hit, because now you have an interview. In this segment, we'll look at some interview strategies to make sure you get the job.


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