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Workshop: Instruction & Coaching Skills for Managers & Team Leaders
April 05, 2016

Have you effectively trained your staff?  Join for a special, limited-seating "Train the Trainer" workshop, Instruction & Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders.  This two-day workshop will be held June 13-14, 2016 in Clive, Iowa. 


This unique workshop is designed to help participants gain the ability to:


  • See, understand and embrace the benefits of effective training
  • Use a questioning style to give effective instruction
  • Identify the key steps in a practical skill and prepare an instruction plan using a range of different learning methods
  • Give an effective piece of practical instruction ensuring the objectives are met
  • Supervise a person when they are practicing a skill to ensure that they are learning good habits through coaching and feedback
  • Prepare a course of action for their business to ensure that the concept of skills training is advanced and that training materials, competent trainers and relevant processes are in place


Reserve your spot now in this one-of-a-kind workshop designed for agricultural business leaders and managers.  Only 16 seats available!

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