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Advanced Search Attends Meeting to Raise the Profile of Agriculture
January 18, 2016 was pleased to be invited to a recent meeting hosted by The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy.  The agenda of the meeting was ‘Raising the Profile of Agriculture,’ and included a variety of stakeholders throughout the industry who discussed topics such as Connecting Students with Agriculture, Expanding Diversity in Agriculture and Increasing Capacity & Outlining Scientific Needs in Food and Agriculture.  As a result, of the meeting the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released news last week calling for a new commitment to research and education in food and agriculture from all sectors of the industry. 


Eric Spell, President of represented the company at the meeting and shared, “It’s exciting to see a commitment to agriculture on the agenda in Washington.  While our industry has progress to be made in educating and recruiting more people, especially young people into agricultural career paths, conversations such as these are part of the solution.”


In the blog post published by The White House on January 13, 2016, The Office of Science & Technology ask organizations within agriculture to commit to programs that will expand the participation of learning and research from students from all backgrounds in agriculture.  To see examples of commitments they are looking for and plan to highlight click here


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