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Ashley Collins of Recognized as Teach Ag Champion
December 08, 2014

Ashley Collins was one of four recognized as a Teach Ag Champion by the National Teach Ag Campaign on Thursday, November 20. The recognition took place at the National Association of Agricultural Educators convention in Nashville, Tenn.  The Teach Ag Champion award highlights individuals or groups who have displayed tremendous dedication and commitment to spreading the Teach Ag message and who are working hard to ensure a quality supply of agriculture teachers across the United States.


Ellen Thompson (Left), National Teach Ag Campaign and Ashley Collins (Right),


Collins, who holds a B.S. in agricultural education from North Carolina State University and a M.Ed in agricultural education from North Carolina A&T University, is the Education/Marketing Manager at  She serves on the National Teach Ag Campaign advisory board, ensures that agriculture teacher positions are posted on the website, and promotes teaching agriculture during her countless campus, industry and career fair presentations all over the country.


“Agricultural education is lucky to have an advocate like Ashley,” said Ellen Thompson, National Teach Ag Campaign coordinator.  “She brings a unique and valuable perspective to the campaign that helps us improve current programs and create new initiatives.” To recognize her contribution to the profession, Collins received a commemorative plaque, and a donation to the North Carolina Make-A-Wish Foundation was made on her behalf.


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