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Advanced Search Releases Analysis of Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Agricultural Industry
October 08, 2014

Will they stay or will they go?  If you are in HR or recruitment, you may ask yourself this question about top talent in your organization, or those you are attempting to bring into your company. conducted the Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Agricultural Industry survey in the summer of 2014.  The questionnaire examined what motivates employee candidates in the ag industry to look for a new position and ultimately make the decision to change jobs.


More than 1,500 people responded to the online survey.  Thirty-five percent of all respondents were actively looking for a new job and the majority of these were currently employed.  So-called passive candidates, those employed and either not interested or not searching for another job, made up 43% of respondents.


Employed candidates were active when it came to their job search activities, with nearly 17% exploring other job opportunities on a daily basis.    


Among respondents currently employed, there was a general decline in satisfaction with employers, job duties, supervisors and coworkers the more active the job seeker.  When examining extreme levels of satisfaction, it was evident that employees’ relationship with their supervisor or boss can be a make or break component in retention.


Career growth and advancement, and higher compensation were the most likely motivators to persuade candidates to leave their current job for another position.


Additional information on these topics, along with details on job search behavior, relocation, salary, length of employment and job seeker confidence levels can be found in the full survey report.   Select results are also analyzed by employment level, status and gender.  The questionnaire furthermore asked a series of questions to unemployed respondents which are outlined in the report.  To download a free copy of the full analysis, click the following link:  Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Agricultural Industry.

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